CACAAS IV Capability                                                 CAAS IV PROGRAM




Contract Number:  FA4890-12D-0009




The CAAS IV Program, managed by Air Combat Command (ACC) Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC), is a strategic initiative entered into with the Air Force District of Washington (AFDW) Contracting Directorate (AFDW/PK). ACC AMIC supports Headquarters (HQ) ACC mission requirements, and AFDW supports HQ Air Force (HAF), Secretary of the Air Force (SAF) organizations, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), and AFDW/PK customer mission requirements


Services and Capabilities providing A&AS Support in the three categories:


Management and Professional Services: assist, advice or train for efficient and effective management and operation of organizations, management and support services for research and development (R&D) activities, program management, logistics management, project monitoring,  reporting, data collection, budgeting, accounting, performance auditing, assessment of  existing managerial policies, examining alternative applications and adaptations of existing or developing technologies, administrative technical support for conferences and training programs.


Studies, Analyses and Evaluations:  provide organized, analytical assessments or evaluations in support of policy development, decision-making, management, administration, R&D activities, methodologies, and software analysis or evaluations.


Engineering and Technical Services: support the program office during the acquisition cycle, provide assistance and training needed to maintain and operate fielded systems, equipment and components at design or required levels of effectiveness


Object CTalk Inc.(OCTalk) has a team of reputable companies both large and small to support the ACC AMIC and AFDW mission.


Team OCTalk will provide a broad range of capabilities across the entire spectrum of A &AS Services covering all labor categories such as Management, Communications, Analysis, Engineering, Information Technology, Accounting and Subject Matter Expertise. We will provide superior quality advisory services CONUS or OCONUS essential to ensure the mission success.


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